Event Marketing for an Important Event

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When it comes to the Online Reputation Management New York company, they need to understand how you can prepare for an important even you are planning. Marketing for an important event is something that every single organization should do if they want to have a successful event, meaning getting donations or making connections. There are different tips on event marketing using social media with an integrated approach and this can be done by linking your website to an event page like Eventbrite and using an organic approach to building followers, show and tell, a team effort and you need to start early to be creative.


You should use social media in order to market your event and it is very important that you come up with a unique hastag for your event. This allows the attendees to generate more buzz about your event and get a trending topic on the web for your company’s event. The statistic is that 65% of individuals will post to social media during an event they are attending and 31% of individuals will post a review on the event after it stating what they liked or didn’t like and what the company could’ve done to improve the event. In order to generate even more buzz, having live videos at the event is something that the event coordinators should look into. You need to be sure to have the attendees sign a form stating that you can film them or take photos of them at your event to post online. Channels like Youtube and Vimeo are ideal for posting videos after the event since they are the most common and using SnapChat can be a great idea to have live feed for your followers. You should also gather a list of e-mails for the attendees that are coming to your event so that you can not only remind them of when the event is, but also what speakers are coming to your event, and give them updates on the event theme, dress code and more. There were 65% of individuals who prefer emails with images and that is also what the online reputation management New York company should do in order to get their guests pumped about the upcoming event.

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